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I requested Facebook to delete my profile, followed by the removal of Instagram. Most probably you are wondering why. It took a year to finally come to this decision. Apart from the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, which on its own accord it’s already bad practice, such social media outlets have become a platform of alienation from reality.

Although the principal goal of Facebook is to connect people through sharing of information, opinions and experiences, in reality, and especially these last two years, Facebook has become a vehicle for people sharing insecurities and hatred. Virtue signalling and infantile polemics filled my feed every day. Instagram, while I appreciate the fact that it boosts the arts’ culture, it promotes a narcissist and compulsive attitude for exhibitionism.

I am sure you can relate to this. Picture it for a moment:

  • Simon shared a link about a new development happening at his backdoor. He’s concerned about sustainability issues. Lily, an ardent supporter of the government, quickly comments defending the plans. Their allies rally. As I witness the battle of opinions, I am indirectly invited to take a side. No thanks. Once I posted a neutral open-ended question to try and understand a particular social/political topic. I got denounced by both political supporters. Never again.
  • Scrolling down… Maria shared a picture of yesterday’s dinner: vegetable lasagne. Ok, Maria is cool, let’s click “like” but she needs to relax on the vegan manifesto, some people like bacon, punto e basta!
  • Scrolling down… A week ago Tanya had some cocktails with her girl- “friends”. Today she wants to show everyone her new high heels carrying this headline, “there’s a real power in heels and a good dress”. Jamie sends her a heart. Tanya replies back with a kiss emoji. Oh! New temporary boyfriend must mark the territory. There goes the power of heels… Okay…
  • Scrolling down… Tim, yet again, shared his experience of gay conversion, Hose reacted by shared his experience of gay liberation from religious prejudice. Sandra went to a pilgrimage in India because she hates white-male privileged societies. Jason doesn’t identify as a racist but hates foreigners from… Enough! #facepalm. I close Facebook.

What’s the impact of these posts? Comical, nonexistent and fictional. Just waste of time. People aren’t really sharing meaningful things or even engaging back. Facebook and Instagram stopped being about people and instead turned people into actors. And we all know, actors need a script. So naturally, these social platforms grew into virtual claustrophobic prisons full of nonsense, contradictions and needy special snowflakes.

My detachment from constantly watching my friends’ lives through a screen actually enhances true relationships. I do not take them for granted, and besides, table-fellowship, is just enough, actually, that’s real.

So as a final note: It’s 2019, keeping in touch with friends is just a click, chat or a call away. No excuses. Cleanse your minds.

Author’s Rights Reserved
Any material on the blog cannot be published all or in part except with prior consent of the author. Feel welcome to contact me if you wish to publish on this website, or to publish my work on other writing platforms.

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