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While consumerism, narcissism, and ideological wars are highly branded and promoted we forget that there are some matters which cannot be bought or seized just because one has a sense of entitlement.

Sinead O’Connor’s latest Facebook video is another one of those suffering expressions of loneliness and depression in the West. The contemplation of suicide; the contradiction of our shallow achievements.

How much can the heart endure estrangement?
How much can the mind allow superficiality?
How much can the eyes tolerate tears?
Who are we apart from selfies, fashion, ideologies, travelling, and sex among others?
I see strength and hope in Sinead O’Connor.

Some see mental illness – by doing so I would agree that the cause of this issue originates from the distressed individual. No! The source is our society’s usurping the power of love; that love manifested through community, self-sacrifice, interdependence, identity and love of God. It has become out of hand…

No, don’t just “help” people with mental illness, but befriend them!
No, don’t just join “NGOs”, but withdraw from the mechanics of capitalism!
No, don’t just give “charity” but be charity every day!
Don’t just be another wheel spoke…

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